Life Science Pilot is a unique, practically inclined network aiming to stimulate activity and increase the value creation within the life sciences in Norway 

We have established the Life Science Pilot network to stimulate activity and increase value creation within the life sciences in Norway. The network is hosted by Catapult Life Science who is providing infrastructure, equipment and services for life science product development, which will include a complete pipeline for the production of material for clinical studies.

The Life Science Pilot network connects a number of key R&D environments in Norway, both public and industrial. We mediate contact between clients and members of the network through our platform, and thus provide a wide range of complementary services within the life sciences. From this network, strong project consortia with broad competence can be established to mitigate financial risk for start-up companies, as well as for established industry. A core element of our strategy is to facilitate procurement of public support from BIA, Horizon2020 and other funding programs in order to stimulate product development in Norway to a stage where full scale commercialisation is realistic. At that point, we will use our network to help target international markets for the finalised products.

The network is linked to the The Life Science Cluster (TLSC), and will also collaborate with OCC and Nansen Neuroscience. Through cooperation, our goal is to build industrialisation skills in practical projects and to create value from the long-term focus on research in health and biotechnology, with the overall aim of developing entire value chains including full scale production in Norway.

Small and large companies, institutes, project groups or other constellations may be members of the network. In addition, individuals can also be members, and contribute as resource professionals with their special skills. The network was formally launched on June 13, 2017, and receives funding from the Research Council to assist members in developing excellent project applications. A list of current members is available below.

Check out the list and contact us to become a member! Membership grants access to our platform, where your services can be presented publicly. We will actively use the information towards clients who might be looking for services or are interested in establishing new project consortia. Click the button below to send us your information, after which we will contact you with an invoice for the registration fee and a prospective membership plan including a smaller annual fee. Current registration fees are 50.000 NOK for institutions, 25.000 NOK for private companies and 5.000 NOK for startups and resource persons. 


NTNU Technology Transfer Office
Bergen Teknologioverføring
Kjeller Innovasjon
Kjemisk Institutt UiO
Oslotech AS
UiO: Livsvitenskap
Biotep | Nofima


Private Companies

Diatec Monoclonals AS
GE Healthcare AS
Jandersen Kapital AS
Kiritec AS
Polypure AS
Sanivo Pharma AS
Scandinavian Biotech Venture AS
Vitas AS
Bull & Co AS
Nerliens Meszansky AS


SurViva AS
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Resource Persons

Anders Stokvold
Arne W. Aabye
Idunn Hagen
Johnny Kvisler
Knut Dyrstad
Kristin Merete Schoultz
Maj Oxaal
Olaf Stalsberg
Steinar Hagen
Astrid Hilde Myrset
Audun Kvalvaag